Roof Maintenance


Maintaining your roof so that you can get the true life span out of it is key. Some roofs, such as slate or tile, can last a lifetime if properly maintained.  If you do not maintain it, roofs tend to last years and years under the life expectancy.

Here are tips to maintain your roof:

Inspect your roof often – Look for leaves and other materials in the gutters. In the spring, check for ice damming (ice build-up on roofs, which can cause water damage if the water leaks through the roof). Inspect your home after a storm occurs for any debris, holes, cracks or shingles lying around.

Inspect your home – Perform a walk around your home if a storm has hit the area. Look for any signs of storm damage, such as siding falling off, broken windows or shingles on the ground.

Take a look in your attic – This area will indicate if there is a leak in your room. Also, glance around for soft spots in the wood, this could be damaged from insects or animals.

Clean your gutters – When the leaves start falling or after a storm, these may clog your gutter, which will cause a blockage. Remove these and always keep your gutters clear so that no back up and excess water can pass through. Also, make sure the gutter is secured against the home.

Trim tree limbs – Never allow your tree limbs to grow too close to your home, as they can break and damage windows or your roof in a storm. If they are too heavy, they can fall and hit someone or damage your property.

Check the flashing for damage – Make sure there is no damage and that the sealant isn’t dried up on the flashing. This could cause leakage on your roof.

Check for insect infestation – If wood is rotting or you see pieces of saw dust or insect feces, you may have termites or carpenter ants.

Do not walk on your roof – All roofs are fragile and walking on them can cause tiles to crack, become loose and granules can be worn down.

Have a professional inspect your roof – Schedule an appointment yearly or after a hail, wind or severe storm has taken place. After all, this is their speciality so they will be able to inspect your roof and locate any damage that may have occurred.

We understand  that you may not be aware of the damages that may be caused to your roof, therefore contact us to assist with any inspection needs you may have. It is better to find the damage early on, then to wait until you have to replace your entire roof. Contact us today.

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